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[CAMPUS]Community engagement specialist

Wuhan, Hubei - Explorar localização Sustentabilidade Tempo inteiro

Descrição da vaga


Will to learn:
"• Community Engagement – Understanding of the different challenges faced by the different communities where we are present and what the Meeting Place can do to drive engagement and empower communities.
• Customer Behavior – Knowledge of existing and potential customer needs, behaviours and aspirations to be able to help Ingka evaluate future endeavours and further translate insights into most relevant ideas & solutions, to support for business purpose and decision-making.
• Sustainability – Good knowledge about the local sustainability agenda. Knowledge of how to transform our Meeting Places to contribute to a circular society and have a positive impact on local communities. Knowledge of how to balance and merge environmental, social, and economic aspects to define sustainability and how Ingka uses that knowledge in striving for growth within the limits of the planet.
• Partnership development - Knowledge of how to identify, build and maintain trustful relationships with collaborates in a responsible way, by selling and sharing an idea to collaborate around. Click here to enter text.
• Community and IKEA interrelation - Knowledge of how to translate feedback from local customers and community to meet requirements and build a people agenda.
• Local community - Knowledge of the different challenges faced by the different communities where we are present and what IKEA can do to empower communities."


• Support meeting place in leading, implementing and developing a community engagement plan, specific activities, strategies, talking points. Be the ambassador of our brand and values, being aware of how it is perceived in the local market. Use this insight in our marketing and engagement plans.
• Co-operate with the key communities with which the Meeting Place interacts, develop community insights and granular knowledge of those around the Meeting Place. Cooperates with local authorities in terms of implementation and co-creation community-engagement activities. Engage IKEA Retail in these activities.
• Cooperate with Accelerator Hub and external partners in order to identify and implement innovation projects/ initiatives in the Meeting Place.
• Authentically integrate community and public city activities into Commercial calendar of the Meeting Place and integrate the Meeting place into the life of the local communities.
• Co-create Community spaces in the Meeting Place for active interaction, both on-line and off-line, being the platform for Community initiatives, growing Community talents, rising stars, supporting local start-ups & translating Meeting Place uniqueness.
• Engage Community members in creating and driving the sustainability agenda, promote Meeting Place involvement in social responsibility topics on the local market.
• Identify and work close with meeting place team and FFPTs on identifying local community problems and maintaining open line of communication with leadership to ensure there is awareness of issues and plans are in place to mitigate or manage risks.
• Lead engagement in the field with individuals, communities and local governments and organizations in support of business goals and project objectives, working cooperatively with Domains and scout for non-obvious communities (interest groups, etc.) which can be engaged in the Meeting Place and become our ambassadors on a wider market.
• Integrate the promotion of events and activities into the communication through all media channels, including promotion via Digital tools, ATL, PR support and social media.
• Contribute to growth of additional income streams or realisation of co-investment potential to decrease own marketing costs and provide resources for enhancing customer experience.

Some would call us idealists who want to change the world, but we are firm believers that we actually can have a positive impact on people, society and planet. We put our heads together to solve the big questions: how IKEA products can become circular by using material and resources in the best way, how to improve the lives of the people who create our products, and how IKEA can benefit the communities where we operate.