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Freelance Product/Furniture/Pattern/Textile Designer 产品/纺织设计师(自由职业)

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Descrição da vaga

Company description

Do you want to make a big impact and create well-designed, functional products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them and that will improve the everyday life at home?

We are looking for Freelance Product/Textile Designer to collaborate with at IKEA Development Centre East Asia based in Shanghai.

IKEA is a global home furnishing company with customers in more than 40 countries. We aim to develop the Market relevant home furnishing products which the many people love, by utilizing our presence and advantages based on being close to our suppliers and customers. Design has been at the core of IKEA product development from the early years, and we are proud of our Swedish heritage, where function and beauty work in harmony in every product.



宜家产品开发中心东亚区设在上海,我们正在寻找 产品/纺织设计师(自由职业)!

宜家是一家全球家居用品公司,客户遍及 40 多个国家。我们的目标是利用我们靠近供应商和客户的优势上,开发出大众喜爱的地区相关的家居产品。设计一直以来是宜家产品开发的核心,遵循瑞典的文化和设计理念,每件产品的功能和美感和谐相处。

Job description
  • As a Designer collaboration with IKEA, you will design products applying Democratic Design principles, meaning that all products should be beautiful, functional and affordable with built-in quality and sustainability.
  • Put our customers in focus and always try to find more creative and innovative solutions that meet the changing needs in people’s everyday life at home.
  • You believe that design is a teamwork, and you develop better products while working together across different disciplines and you take pride in working close with our suppliers and designing on the factory floor.


  • 作为与宜家合作的设计师,你将应用民主设计的产品设计原则,创造出美观实用、价格合理、拥有良好质量并符合可持续发展理念的产品。
  • 始终将我们的客户放在首位,并致力于寻找更具创造性和创新性的解决方案,以满足人们在日常家居生活中不断变化的需求。
  • 你相信设计是一种团队合作,通过不同学科的合作,可以开发出更好的产品。并且,你将与我们的供应商密切合作,在工厂车间亲力亲为打磨设计的每个细节。

  • We are looking for you that have come so far in your Design career that you run your own studio.
  • Familiar with designing products in different styles, as well as a good understanding of Scandinavian design and cultural heritage.
  • Passionate about sustainability and circularity, always push for a green solution.
  • English communication skills preferred.
  • Own company (Can invoice directly to IKEA).

As Product/Furniture designer

  • You need be well versed in the use of digital tools, like Solid Works, Illustrator or similar, to support you in your work and communicate the concepts & product ideas.

As Pattern/Textile designer

  • You need be well versed in the use of digital tools, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fashion Studio or similar.
  • Extensive knowledge in graphics, patterns styles and colours.
  • Strong skills in creating and finalizing pattern artworks for various kinds of products.


  • 有自己的设计工作室
  • 熟悉不同的产品设计风格,同时对斯堪的纳维亚(Scandinavian)的设计风格和传统文化有较好的了解
  • 对可持续性和循环性充满热情,致力于推动绿色解决方案
  • 英语沟通技能是加分项
  • 已注册公司(可以直接向宜家开具发票)


  • 精通设计工具的使用,如:Solid Works、Illustrator 或类似工具,以传达概念和产品创意


  • 精通设计工具的使用,如:Adobe Photoshop、 Illustrator、InDesign、Fashion Studio或类似工具
  • 丰富的图形,图案样式和色彩知识
  • 为不同种类产品创建和敲定图案的能力

More Information

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